07 Sep 2010
September 7, 2010


September 7, 2010 Digital Printing 0 Comment

Rye, NY -For many years small and medium size printers world-wide have been using Mitsubishi Paper Mills’ plate-making solutions to successfully grow their business and increase their profitability. In fact, Silver DigiPlate systems have become synonymous with compact, fast, ecological and economical CTP. At Graph Expo 2010, booth 224, Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc. will present, the next generation of DigiPlate, the new Processless DigiPlate system, PDP-VL.

Processless DigiPlate (PDP) System

The Processless DigiPlate (PDP) system is a true chemical-free plate-making system consisting of the PDP 6-VL platesetter and the new PDP-VL polyester or paper based plate material available in roll format in various thicknesses. The new violet sensitive PDP-VL plates use a polymer cross-linking technology that does not require any chemical processing to create the image area. The integrated plate washing system requires only water for rinsing. This unique integrated plate requires no pre-heating at the imaging or wash-off stages and no gumming.

Mitsubishi’s new Processless DigiPlate system, PDP-VL, with its small foot print, chemical-free plate production, high speed output and low-energy consumption provides commercial offset printers a fully automated, environmentally friendly CTP system. And with a maximum resolution of up to 3000dpi and 200lpi, PDP-VL guarantees the highest quality offset printing for run lengths up to 20,000 impressions.

“We are very excited to expand on our line of quality ecological and economical CTP solutions with the release of the PDP-VL system,” said Colleen Molkenbur, Senior Product Manager for Graphic Arts at Mitsubishi Imaging. “Especially in these tough economic times, small and mid size printers need to know there are solutions designed to fit both their needs and their wallets. PDP combines chemistry-free plate production with the off-set quality and affordability of our proven Silver DigiPlate CTP solutions. It’s a win-win for the high quality small and mid-size offset shops.”

Processless DigiPlate will be available for commercial release and sale early 2011.