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Drylam, a Martin Yale Company, introduces 3 new laminators made in the USA.

The Element Series

Dry-Lam’s newest, American-made Laminators

The Dry-Lam Element Series is Dry-Lam’s newest, American-made laminator series. The progressive Standard, Deluxe, and Professional models come in both 27″ and 40″ widths. Various sizes and features make it easy and simple to find the laminator that meets your needs and fits in your price range. Choose from a range of specifications such as maximum film thickness of 3, 5, or 10 mil, speeds of up to 3, 9, or 10 feet per minute, and core sizes of 1 or 3 inches. Certain models also have additional features such as a built-in horizontal trimmer and cooling fans. With all that the Element Series models offer, you are sure to find the laminator that is just right for you.

27” All-inclusive Laminating Systems

Each 27” laminator is also available as an all-inclusive laminating system including a mobile cart, 4 rolls of film, and a cleaning kit in addition to the 27” laminator.

  • Standard 27” Laminator
  • 36” Heavy-duty steel mobile cart with locking doors and 4” casters
  • 4 rolls of 25’ x 500’ 1.5 mil Gloss Film
  • Cleaning Kit 

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