36″ Tunnel


            1 Year Warranty
60″L x 36″W x 10″H

PP 3610-60
-High capacity production shrink tunnel features variable air velocity, re-circulating air system, dual digital temperature control, live roller rod conveyor, dual 1 HP motors, dual heater banks and a 60″ long chamber.

            60″L x 36″W x 16″H

PP 3616-60
-Shrink bundling tunnel features dual 1 HP blower motors, dual heater banks, dual digital temperature control, dead roller conveyor, variable air velocity, re-circulating air system and cooling fans on the discharge end of the tunnel.

PP 36″ Options: Tunnel heights of 12″, 16″ and 20″, Hi-density rollers, Teflon mesh belt, non-standard voltage, custom paint, spare parts kit.