Bostitch M17


  • Capacities:
    With a G8 head-2 sheets to 5/16″(8mm)
    With a 26D head-2 sheets to 1/4″(6.4mm)
  • Wire sizes:
    21-28 Guage round
    21-25 Guage flat
  • Crown sizes:
    5/16″(8mm) – 3/8″(9.5mm)
    1/2″(12.7mm) – 5/8″(15.9mm)
  • Minimum head centers:
    With eight G8 Heads-2 3/64″ (52mm) at 1/16″ (1.5mm) thick
    With ten 26D Heads-1 7/8″ (47.6mm) thickA single adjustment sets the compression and wire draw on all of the heads simultaneously. The machine accomodates ten 26D stitcher heads or eight G8 heads along its 20″ wide Bonnet Rail.