The DPX 2 is a dedicated polyester Computer-to-Plate solution capable of delivering color-separated, punched plates, in perfect register and ready to be mounted onto the press. The image position on the plate is controlled by the RIP and is set up according to the specifications you choose and always in perfect register.
The unique combination of two distinct features – the internal drum punch system and the two simultaneously on-line material magazines – provides you with optimal format flexibility. The advanced internal drum technology exposes at variable resolutions up to 3600 dpi for high quality results.

• Plate size: Max. – 16.1” x 21.6”
18.1” x 21.6” w/ upgrade option
Min. – 10” x 10”
• Material: Polyester Silver DigiPlate
• Resolution: 900 to 3600 dpi
• Light source: Visable red laser diode
• Image repeatability: 0.001” over 4 plates
• Production speed: Up to 30 plates per hour
• Internal drum
• Harlequin RIP
• Dell Plateform
• 2 Bath Processor


• Landscape & Portait punches
• Second Magazine
• Extended plate width