Flexa Easy Lite Heat Assisted 63 Inch Wide Laminator with WiFi


The first-of-its-kind large-format professional laminator with a heated top roller and integrated Wi-Fi/LAN module is truly a game-changer. It enables remote monitoring of crucial machine data and machining parameters through PC or mobile devices. This innovative laminator comes with a user-friendly software interface and a touchscreen display that provides quick access to a multitude of new functions. These functions include the ability to store three different processes, track rolled meters, implement automatic stop mechanisms, set up a weekly scheduler for on/off cycles, and much more. Investing in this Flexa laminating machine for application tape not only saves you time but also minimizes material waste, enhances trimming precision, and guarantees increased productivity. It marks the beginning of a new era in lamination. Designed to align with the principles of INDUSTRY 4.0, the latest-generation Easy Lite Wi-Fi heat-assisted laminator positions your adhesive business to take advantage of state incentives for technological and digital transformation. It’s a forward-looking solution for business seeking to stay at the forefront of industry advancements.