Master A.J. System


Master Toppy AJ is a pile turner that enables to blow and vibrate paper or board pallets. After the 90 * rotation, the paper sheets will be positioned vertically along the blowing table, which inclines by 8 so that the paper sheets are rested on a reference square. During the cycle, the operator can inspect the paper pallet and manually extract the faulty sheets when present. The injection of air removes the dust and separates the sheets, which are then perfectly aligned thanks to the vibrating system. At the end of the cycle, the pile turner positions itself automatically on the ground to allow the extraction of the paper pallet with the aid of a pallet truck.
Maximum Paper Size – 1020 x 1420 mm
Minimum Paper Size -640 x 880 mm
Minimum Table Opening -750 mm
Maximum Table Opening -2050 mm
Maximum Capacity -2000 kg
Rotation Time -50 Seconds