MBM Aerocut Nano Max

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Quick & easy tool-free slitter position settings with 4 InstaSet Bars included and new Fine Adjustment Knob.

The AeroCut NanoMax is equipped with a color touch screen, and comes pre-programmed with 31 jobs, can store up to 80 additional custom programs, including Flex Mode programs as well

Image shift & stretch compensation function help an operator to make fine adjustments to digitally printed stocks.

The patented Tri-Suction Feeding Mechanism reduces risks of double feeds and mis-feeds drastically, therefore preventing paper jams inside and enhancing productivity.

Feed table elevates and lowers to separate digital stocks to avoid misfeeds and/or markings.

Self-correcting cut mark registration feature ensures accurate cuts every time.

Density sensor for true double feed detection resulting in faster run times and greater accuracy.

Handles a variety of digital stocks with weights up to 400 gsm and sheet sizes up to 13″ x 19″


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