Morgana 510 Feeder/Collator


The Morgana 510 Feeder/Collator series are based on a standard 10 station, high capacity bin tower structure with centre registration. Two different models are available in the range; the AC510 Collator with air separation and the ACF510 Feeder/Collator with air separation. The units equipped with feeder mode are ideally suited to customers who have a range of digital and litho printed work, some of which may need to be collated and some which may come pre-collated from a digital engine. There may also be a need to feed digitally printed work from black and white devices, combining coloured pages or covers. Unlike all other friction feed systems on the market, Morgana 510 Feeder/Collator models offer a unique air separation system. Each bin has fans blowing air into the stack from two sides, radically improving the feeding of statically charged or normally hard to feed stock. The air separation in the 510 Series sets new standards in feeding, ideal for digitally printed media.


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