The TOUCHLINE C375 PLUS is more than just a creasing machine. As part of a product family its use can be extended beyond simple creasing of paper and card. First of all it can be extended with additional perforating tools allowing selective perforation in both directions. Secondly, the C375 PLUS can be combined with the folding unit TF375 and thus enlarged to form a fully integrated creasing, perforating and folding machine. There are no manual setting procedures for the C375 PLUS model. The machine is equipped with the TOUCHLINE vacuum feeder with a capacity of 180 mm.
Via the touchscreen the creasing or perforating pressure is matched to the paper stock in use without any need for manual intervention. The creasing and perforating tools can be exchanged easily within just a few seconds. Paper stocks up to 400 gsm (creasing) and 300 gsm (perforating) can be processed.


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