Neolt XY DTF Cutter

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The revolutionary Neolt XY DTF Cutter Series is a professional game-changing solution for cutting Direct to Film (DTF) and Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) materials. This professional-grade machine is designed to cater to craft enthusiasts, PSPs, and Promotional Products businesses, offering a new standard for cutting Direct to Film (DTF) and Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) materials. The Neolt XY Cutter, is a masterpiece of engineering and functionality designed to boost productivity for workflows involving 30” wide film/flexible media material. It offers the ability to slit or trim DTF or HTV materials along two dimensions, providing unparalleled precision and flexibility. Its robust internal compressor powers both the pressure roller for material advancement and the pneumatic vertical blade, making it a precise tool for processing DTF and HTV prints or designs. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the Neolt XY Cutter caters to both novices and professionals. Its intuitive touchscreen interface simplifies operation and allows precise control over the cutting process. It offers two main programs for optimizing production: an automatic mode for setting the size and quantity of copies, and a mark reading mode for automated cutting by mark detection. Integrated video tutorials and self-help videos offer guidance at every step. The cutter’s main features include a self-sharpening horizontal cutting wheel, adjustable pressure on the vertical slitter, mechanical skew alignment, waste collection basket, finished piece collection tray and separators, support stand, inline dancer arm for supported printers, and an intuitive control interface.

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