1 Year Warranty

PP1622MK-Combo – The first fully adjustable Combination L’Sealer with attached shrink tunnel including the latest “Micro Knife” Technology. The L’sealer is 16” x 22” and mounted on linear bearings, easily moves forward or backward to center product into the tunnel and the discharge conveyor on the L’Sealer also adjust up and down. The shrink tunnel is 18” x 28” x 8”H and features a fully recirculating air chamber, live or dead roller rod conveyor, digital temperature control, adjustable air velocity and a convenient crank handle to adjust the tunnel up and down to match sealer conveyor height.

• Seal area: 16” x 22”
• Chamber size: 18” x 28” x 8”H
• Power dischage
• Pin perf hole punch
• Power: 220 vac, 45 amp, single phase

• Air operated seal head
• Automatic cycle timing
• Powered film unwind
• Adjustable inverting head
• Stainless steel frame