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The Rhin-O-Roll HD4170 is the ultimate choice for premium coil insertion technology. This coil inserter offers high-performance and precise coil insertion with ease. It features 12-inch dual-powered rollers with an adjustable lower roller that guarantees perfect coil insertion every time. It has a superior rubber formula that ensures the main roller grabs the coil without hesitation or slippage. An integrated document thickness gauge is included that provides a quick reference for selecting the perfect coil size for your project. It can work as a stand-alone production coil inserter or can be mounted on any Rhin-O-Tuff Vertical Punch. Designed for swift coil insertion across all pitches and diameters, the Rhin-O-Roll HD4170 is the go-to machine for all your coil binding needs. The package also comes with crimper pliers and a built-in holder that enhances the user experience.


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