SDP 1630


Features: The SDP-Eco 1630IIIR is fully automated so it requires a minimum of training to operate and a minimum of time to produce press-ready plates. You load it with Silver DigiPlate material by the roll and the SDP-Eco 1630IIIR essentially runs itself, accepting files from its companion RIP, then imaging, processing and even sizing your plates, all in one streamline workflow.
• Plate size: Max. 16 5/16” x 22.83”
Min. 9” x 8.65”
• Material: Polyester Silver DigiPlate
• Resolution: 1200, 1500, 1800, 2400 dpi
• Light source: Red laser diode
• Production speed: Up to 81 plates per hour
• Capstan
• Harlequin RIP
• Dell Plateform
• 3 Bath Processor


• Integrated Converting Punching Unit/Bell or DS
• Additional page buffer modules
• External Beil Punching Unit