American Utraviolet AUV-52 UV Coater

American Ultraviolet


AUV 52 roller coater comes standard with a Linear Measurement System for ease of substrate change and exact digital calibration to applicator roller; an adjustable IR chamber to UV source for optimum flow control; and 1″ thick substrate capabilities with 2 recirculating pumps.


American Ultraviolet

American Ultraviolet has been designing and manufacturing complete UV solutions since 1960, so there's not much we haven't seen, or manufactured a solution for. Our breadth of product is unmatched, and our solutions are unequaled, because, unlike other UV manufacturing companies, we've had an extended amount of time to gain the knowledge and proficiency needed to deal with the unique requirements and challenges across dozens of markets. We believe this gives our team the ability to provide the exact solution all our customers need. And, if we don't already have the perfect standard solution, our experienced engineering team will work with you to come up with custom solutions that won't have unnecessarily long lead times, or astronomically high prices.
American Ultraviolet


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