Deluxe Stitcher Company S2F8 Bindery Stitcher



Metal Stitching, It’s Fast, Simple, and Cost Effective. No other fastening method offers all the benefits of metal stitching: low material cost, low production cost, secure and permanent joints. When applicable, wire stitching is superior to conventional welding, riveting, threaded fastening and gluing methods. It saves on material costs, eliminates the need for pre-cleaning, pre-drilling and hole line-ups.


Deluxe Stitcher Company

For over 125 years Deluxe Stitcher has been bringing our clients that rare combination of quality products at unparalleled value. Through our local offices and many agents and dealers, Deluxe reaches almost every corner of the globe. Whether you are stitching books on one of our stand alone stitchers or using our heads as part of a larger system, thousands of customers turn to DeLuxe Stitcher every day to solve their wire stitching needs.


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