Demo Duplo DC-516 Pro Multi-Finisher


We have a “New out of the Box” Demo Duplo DC-516 Pro Multi Finisher for sale. Asking $33,000 which includes a 1 year Mechanical and Electrical Parts warranty and 90 days Labor warranty. All warranties exclude consumables. Asking price includes delivery, installation, and training. Additional costs for Special Rigging apply if required. MSRP for this product from Duplo USA is $43,000. This is a great deal on a product that can provide high speed creasing, accommodates large volumes of card cutting from business cards to post cards of various sizes, and has optional perforating tools available if purchased too.
The DC-516 Pro Multi-Finisher offers high-speed finishing for high production environments. Featuring a 14” high capacity feeder and long conveyor stacker, the DC-516 Pro keeps productivity non-stop.


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