Formax Atlas C350 High-Speed Automatic Creaser/Folder


In today’s digital print environment, it’s not enough to simply print a piece; it must be finished properly for a clean, professional look. The Atlas C350 High Speed Creaser/Folder is a fully-automatic, user-friendly solution to solve the problem of cracking in toner-based digital prints. Utilizing a heavy duty, lifetime guaranteed creasing matrix, it compresses paper fibers instead of cutting them, virtually eliminating cracks on a creased or folded edge.

The Atlas C350 produces high-speed creasing and folding in a single pass. Sheets travel through the dynamic creasing matrix and the patented floating knife folding system, which minimize marking of the digital printout. The C350 features quick-change creasing matrices which are easy to swap in just seconds, without using any tools.

Setup is quick and easy using the 7” color touchscreen control panel, with its bold icons and intuitive layout. Simply enter the sheet length, weight, and fold type, and the Atlas C350 automatically calculates the crease locations and sets them accordingly. Users can easily choose from pre-programmed common creases, or create and save an unlimited number of custom jobs.

Today’s larger media sizes require robust, flexible infeed and outfeed systems, and the C350 delivers. The top-loading vacuum infeed adjusts automatically to process media stacks up to 7.9” high, and with the feed table extension, it can accommodate sheets up to 51” long. Optical sensors control sheet separation by constantly monitoring the float zone and making adjustments on-the-fly.

The Atlas C350 features a two-in-one outfeed configuration, with a fully-automatic belt stacker for folded sheets, and a catch tray capable of stacking sheets up to 35” long. With both outfeed options available at all times, users can easily switch between crease and fold jobs, right from the control panel, with no need to reconfigure the machine.

Standard equipment includes an in-line rotary perforation kit, which allows for creasing, perforating and folding in a single pass. An optional cross perforating blade kit can be used to combine creasing and cross perforating for a variety of jobs including brochures with tear-offs. The C350 can also be used as a stand-alone creaser, or as a perforator when creasing and folding are not required.

With rugged metal construction and a compact footprint, the Atlas C350 is an ideal addition to print shops and production facilities with limited space that want to expand their digital print finishing capabilities.


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