Multigraf AG is going to revolute the print finish sector. No more time-consuming in cutting on a guillotine. Multigraf automates the cutting.

The new Multifinisher Touchline CPC375 XPRO sets a new benchmark in the industry. Imagine that you only have two machines in your company: a powerful printing system and an equally powerful multifinisher…and you use them to produce the majority of the work that has to be done in a printing company. This is now possible.

The new Multifinisher from Multigraf AG, manufactured in Muri AG (Swiss Made), offers exactly that. Up and down creasing, perforating cross-ways and lengthways, cutting and slitting and folding (also 2- or 3-up). All this applications in only one operation and at high speed. The set-up times are extremely short and the tools are changed within seconds. New jobs are automatically recognized by the barcode scanner. The production of a 6- or 8-page brochure only takes a few seconds, with no manual intermediate steps. Making business cards becomes a big pleasure.


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