Perfecta Premium Line 115TS

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A first-class- heavy-duty computer-controlled high-speed guillotine with touch screen computer- oversize tables- stainless steel air bed- high speed knife change- and slotless table. For print shops- paper mills- binderys and plastic converters that want to economically and precisely accomplish complex and frequently changing jobs.



ABSOLUTE Printing Equipment Service, Inc. was formed in 1986 and has since provided quality equipment and service for the print and finishing industry. In 2000, when ABSOLUTE became the importer for German made PERFECTA cutting systems and BAUMANN paper handling equipment, PERFECTA USA was created as a DBA in order to add a unique identity for this new important part of the business. Today PERFECTA USA is the sole importer of BAUMANN-PERFECTA Cutting and Paper Handling Systems for North America.


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